1. Are you having trouble arranging for the handover of keys for your newly completed site?

  2. Need a Reputable, Experienced & Professional Managing Agent who can assist in establishing the JMB and managing your building?

  3. Would you like us to take the burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on expanding your property development without worrying on the management of your existing sites?

Many Developers are faced with the above questions the moment they complete a new property.

However, at Benz & Carlton, we personally assure you that we are the solution you are looking for.

Over the years, we noticed that the Biggest Problems Faced by Developers during the handover period is:-

Vacant Possession

  • Pre Inspection before Vacant Possession

  • Joint Inspection with the Purchasers

  • Monitoring Internal Unit Defects and liaising with Project Division and

  • Purchaser to ensure rectifications are completed

  • Monitoring Renovations

  • Handing over of keys, House Rules, Access Cards, Car Stickers etc..

Common Area

  • Handing over of Common Areas from the Main and/or Sub-Contractors for:

    a) Facilities (swimming pool, Gym, Playground, Sauna, etc..)

    b) M&E (Gen-Set, LV Room, CCTV, Barrier Gate, Cold Water System, Fire Fighting System, Riser Room, etc…)

However, the work doesn’t end here.

As per the Building Common & Property Act 2007 & the Strata Management Act 2013, a Developer needs to form the Joint Management Body within 1 year of vacant possession.

As such, the Developer is faced with more work like:-

  • Ensuring that the collections are done on time to ensure smooth sailing off property and that all vendors/service providers are paid off until the formation of the JMB.

  • Liaising with Commissioner Of Building (COB) and providing them, with updates on the status of the building and the JMB formation

  • Maintaining the overall appeal and M & E matters related to the building

  • Monitoring & supervising the service providers

  • Contacting all purchasers and preparing the necessary paperwork’s for the formation of the JMB

  • Conducting the 1st AGM for the formation of JMB

Too much too handle….Well that’s where we come in.

Unlike other conventional Managing Agents who only take over after the formation of the JMB, we assume management at the infant stage i.e. from the point of completion of the building.

Hence, the burden of handing over the keys, inspection, defects monitoring, handover of keys, day to day management of the building as well as formation of JMB is done by us.

Want to know more on how Benz & Carlton Sdn Bhd can assist you? Then contact us for an appointment.


Assisting with the issuance of Vacant Possession Letters.

We have skilled and well trained people to do the handing over of keys.

Continue to follow up with the defects after the initial inspection until the purchaser is satisfied and all keys are collected.

We provide skilled and experienced personnel to cater to your every need..

We provide real estate agent services to assist in the Sale/Lease of yours & purchasers units.

We are well experienced in BCP 7 St Acts and a re able to assist in the formation of Joint Management Body (JMB) or the Management Corporation.