1. Need a Reputable, Experienced & Professional

  2. Managing Agent who can assist the JMB / MC in managing your building? Would you like us to take the burden off your shoulders so that you can focus solely on decision making policies?

  3. Need professional assistance in advising and assisting the JMB/MC in raising the value of your building?

With the introduction of the Building & Common Property Act 2007 & the Strata Management Act 2013, a Developer has to form the Joint Management Body (JMB) within 12 months from the date of Vacant Possession.

As such, the fate and responsibility of a multi million ringgit building as well as the lives of the people who live in it are at the hands of a few owners known as the Joint Management Committee (JMC) or Management Corporation (MC).

The management of a building may not look as easy as it seems. The management portfolio of a building includes :-

  • Mechanical & Electrical - Gen Set, Water Pumps, Riser Pumps, CCTV etc

  • Security - Overlooking security guards attendance, enforcement, etc...

  • House Rules - Ensuring that the house rules are strictly enforced

  • Collection - Ensuring that the monthly billing is done on time and that the collection is done promptly as without sufficient funds, the management would not be able to pay the service providers and sooner or later, the building starts to break down.

  • Regulatory Management - Ensuring that the management adheres to all government regulatory requirements i.e. Lift safety, Gen-Set Inspection by Suruhanjaya Tenaga, Health Inspection by DBKL, Commissioner of Building adherence in conducting AGM’s, BOMBA requirements etc...

Many residents don't realize that being a member of the JMC/MC is a voluntary position.

As such, they expect the JMC/MC to work like a full time Managing Agent not knowing that the JMC have full time jobs at day.

As a result, many JMC/MC members receive calls late at night from disgruntled residents complaining that their bulb is fused or that their water pressure is low or even that they lost connection to their Astro.

More often that not, friendly neighbours would become your worst enemy, simply because he/she feels that you are not doing a good job by responding to his/her complaint on a defective light bulb.

At Benz & Carlton, we understand that the JMC are volunteers and that is why we would like to step in and assist you in managing your building by

  • Increasing Your Property Value - As Professional Managing Agents, we strive to ensure that Your Property value blossoms so that you may reap the fruits of your investment.

  • Providing Quality Management - To ensure that your building is well managed by a group of professionals so that the JMC can take a breather and leave the rest of the work to us.

If any of the above sounds familiar, then feel free to give us a call and speak to our friendly team who would be more than glad to drop by to visit your property.

We assure you that your building is in good hands and that we will offer a personalized service “No Other Managing Agents” can.

After all, at Benz & Carlton, we are



Assisting with the issuance of Vacant Possession Letters.

We have skilled and well trained people to do the handing over of keys.

Continue to follow up with the defects after the initial inspection until the purchaser is satisfied and all keys are collected.

We provide skilled and experienced personnel to cater to your every need..

We provide real estate agent services to assist in the Sale/Lease of yours & purchasers units.

We are well experienced in BCP 7 St Acts and a re able to assist in the formation of Joint Management Body (JMB) or the Management Corporation.